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Young Living Essential Oils We have discovered the wonderful world of Essential oils! Young Living Essential Oils let me make that clear.  Yes, we tried the store bought ones, the internet tried and true but keep coming back to Young Living. Trust me, they truly are the best!  If you want to know more just contact me and I will be happy to share with you why.  

If you are already into this oily world you are probably like us and want to share the love of oils with your friends and family.  I was on my zazzle account tonight and found some really cute products made by others (not me) for young living distributors I thought I would share with you. These items can all be customized with your own name and member number.  It's easy.  The template walks you through every step. 

I invite you to follow the link (just click on a picture you might want to see) and it will take you to zazzle.  If you have any questions, just email me. 


Have a Blessed evening!

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Cute findings So today, I decided to check my account which by the way our personal store on that site is  We have been taking pictures as a family and designing products on zazzle well since 2008.  My kids are my best designers and now that they are almost grown they really know what is popular in today's teen and young adult culture. Problem is they don't have much time for designing now days but once and while we all get on that creative kick.

Photography however is in our blood so you will find all original beautiful landscaped, city scrapes, places of interest, Architecture design, pictures of our dogs doing amazingly funny things and its hard to tell what all we have pictures of.  I personally have a camera with me all the time!  So, if you are looking for clip art or a certain picture of something amazing , ask me. I probably have it in my collection.  I don't upload a lot to sell.

Today, I found this cute Ornament designed by another zazzle member. I just had to share.




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Too Far, Too Fast I found this writing today in going through some old pictures. It was written on the back of an announcement from where my great uncle's funeral was announced. I found it to be very appropriate for today's world so I thought I would share.  The author is unknown. 


We use the term "jet lag" to describe the mental and emotional upsets tht affect a  person who crosses several time zones on long air flights.

But many people in highly industrialized countries who have never traveled by air are today experiencing another type of jet lag.  It is a disorientation that strikes for much the same reason as the malady which afflicts airline pilots and passengers:  We are going too far, too fast--- in science, business, government ---every area of our lives.

These changes have left their mark on many people.  They have become apathetic: indifferent .  Or tense nd erratic.  In either case, there seems to be a feeling that they hve lost control over their lives; that forces they connot control are a t work, pushing them irresistibly towrard an unknown and fearsome destination.

Should such feelings engulf you, remember the words of a very wise and good man:  "I find in the midst of all this tragedy the conviction that the redemptive power of love is the only hope for man and the world."

Each morning , let us remember that this is the day the Lord hs made.  Let us rejoice in it, show our love for others, cherish relationships, live with and for Him.  This is the one and only sure cure for the world's "jet lag"; for being carried, too far, too fast.



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Meadow Tree Created this canvas print today from our most recent trip to the Skyline drive. Here is a tree we found in Big Meadows.
Meadow Tree
Meadow Tree by Butterfly2008
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The Butterfly

(Riches of His Glory Photography) branch brown caterpiller fly leaf spotted wings Thu, 23 Feb 2012 22:03:39 GMT